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Our menu


All our dishes are freshly prepared with quality ingredients. We offer a wide range of beers and carefully selected wines.

Consult our menu on the left.

Trencher with vegetable garnish and potatoes

Smoked ham Boiled ham Cheese ‘Schelle van de zeuge’

Sunny side up

With fries and salad With shrimps, fries and salad Ham-cheese with fries and salad

Artisan ice cream

Children’s ice cream Chef’s Coupe (cuberdon and vanilla) Coupe vanilla Coupe strawberry (vanilla with fresh strawberries, seasonal) Dame blanche Dame noir Coupe Brésilienne Coupe avocaat Banana split Sorbet Passionfruit sorbet Melon sorbet Raspberry sorbet...


butter and sugar chocolate sauce Artisan vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

Moelleux of chocolat with artisan vanilla ice cream

Warm apple pie with artisan vanilla ice cream 
and whipped cream

Salmon filet under fresh herb crust (Sint Bernardus Tripel) choice between warm and cold vegetables

Fish stew

with nantua sauce (Sint Bernardus Tripel)

Skewer of scampi (9 pieces) with garlic sauce, fries and salad

Crown roast of lamb with herb crust (Sint Bernardus Prior 8) choice between warm and cold vegetables

Côte à l’os (choice between warm and cold vegetables and sauce) 
available per person

Rump steak (+/- 300gr) choice between warm and cold vegetables with every steak

Natural Creamy pepper sauce Archiduc Béarnaise Choron

Marinated Ardennes pork tenderloin with sauce chasseur (Sint Bernardus Prior 8)

choice between warm and cold vegetables

Marinated pork ribs with house made garlic butter and seasonsalad

Salad with artisan cheese croquettes

Salade with artisan schrimp croquettes

Salad of the house

smoked Scottisch salmon, shrimps and , scampi and fries. (foie gras additional 5€)

Salad with warm goat cheese, honey and thyme

Artisan schrimp croquettes with salade

Artisan cheese croquettes with salade

Beefcarpaccio – sundried tomatoes – pine nuts

A skewer of scampi with garlic sauce (6 pieces)

Lightly smoked Scottisch salmon

Vol-au-vent with fries and salad

Flemish beef stew Sint Bernardus Prior 8 with fries and salad