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Sunny side up

With fries and salad With shrimps, fries and salad Ham-cheese with fries and salad

Artisan ice cream

Children’s ice cream Chef’s Coupe (cuberdon and vanilla) Coupe vanilla Coupe strawberry (vanilla with fresh strawberries, seasonal) Dame blanche Dame noir Coupe Brésilienne Coupe avocaat Banana split Sorbet Passionfruit sorbet Melon sorbet Raspberry sorbet...


butter and sugar chocolate sauce Artisan vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

Moelleux of chocolat with artisan vanilla ice cream

Warm apple pie with artisan vanilla ice cream 
and whipped cream

Crème Brulée

Vol-au-vent with fries and salad

Frikadels with fries and salad

Sunny side up with fries and salad

Steak with fries and salad